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The Junior Cup Golf Network:

Falls Jr. Phoenix Golf
Falls Jr. Phoenix
Junior Spartans Golf
Junior Spartans
Junior Chargers Golf
Junior Chargers

Junior Warhawks Golf

Junior Warhawks

The Junior Cup Golf network included 3 teams in 2023: Junior Chargers, Junior Phoenix, and Junior Spartans. Junior Cup Golf also welcomes junior golfers from the Germantown community to join our Jr. Warhawks team as we expand for the 2024 season.

Each Junior Cup Golf team will train over the winter months and compete in team golf events in the spring/early summer of 2024.

Interested in team golf but not in the Brook East, Germantown, Falls, or Sussex Hamilton districts? If so, please take the Team Golf Interest Survey to notify us of your interest.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide opportunities for young athletes to play team golf in a fun environment that promotes education and development.

Junior Cup Golf is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides opportunities to young athletes aspiring to play competitive golf in high school and fosters fun environments that promote education and development in the game of golf. While the sport of golf is traditionally an individual sport, our organization forms community-based teams of junior golfers to learn, train, and compete against other community-based teams. Junior Cup Golf not only educates junior golfers on the fundamentals of golf, but also promotes core values such as patience, respect, integrity, teamwork and sportsmanship.



The Junior Cup Golf Experience:

Golf does not need to be an individual sport. The Junior Cup Golf team format will feature:

  • Team Golf: Junior golfers are grouped to align players with community based teams.
  • Format: Team formats (think Ryder Cup or scramble style golf) allow players to compete alongside teammates, reducing some of the pressure from an otherwise individual sport.
  • Fun Atmosphere: Golfing with friends and classmates enhances the fun and encourages development.
  • Training: Our juniors train indoors in a fun environment using golf simulator technology over the winter months before heading outdoors to practice and compete in the spring. Training sessions include instruction from experienced coaches as well as knowledgeable parent coaches.
  • Accessibility: You don't have to be a parent with golf knowledge or have a country club membership to introduce your child to this life-long-sport.

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